4 Countries With The Most Scenic Railways in Asia


Yes, flying on a plane may be a lot faster, but there’s something about riding on a train that would make your trip more memorable. Train rides are one of the best transportations you could embark on. The never-ending steppes, romantic landscapes and the happy nomads will surely complete your land journey.

And if you’re thinking of the ultimate travel destination, Asia might just be unbeatable. Asian countries are full of breathtaking natural wonders and iconic structures. For self-confessed wandering feet, experience the beauty of Asia by train. There are serious variations of train rides in Asia. Though speed is always prized, there are many trains that would take the slow journey for a more relaxing and peaceful trip. Traveling by train is not just a one-time voyage, but rather a way to unfold the vast culture of a country through its marvelous sights and tasty flavors.

Train routes serve up more than just a means of transportation— it’s an opportunity to experience the interesting culture of the place. From then, it does not only become a journey, but gradually becomes part of the experience. Truly, Asian countries are sights to behold.


Lush jungle beyond the window pane

The Indian Railways is considered to be the world’s longest railway network that covers over 71,000 miles. Consequently, train rides have become a very significant means of transportation in the country. Trains in India may always be associated with cheap fares and crowded stations, but there’s more to it than its typical portrayal.

Over the past years, a range of new and efficient trains have took the railway system by storm. Some of the notable trains in the country that offer scenic views are Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Palace on Wheels and Maharaja Express.

Stunning view of Taj Mahal

These trains are creatively designed for a more sophisticated ride to the major tourist destinations in India. By riding a train, you can visit some of India’s top attractions, from the renowned camel rides in the midst of the Bikaner Sand dunes to the classic Taj Mahal sightseeing in Agra.

Apart from the spectacular views of the Indian landscape, train rides will also give you the chance to experience a once in a lifetime adventure with the impeccable service and tasty cuisine selection. Dreamy sceneries are not just the highlights of your train journey as some of these trains offer fully-equipped gym and even spa center. No wonder, India is consistently included in the ranking of the most scenic and lavish trains in the world.


A dreamy view outside your window

Thinking of the next to-go train route? Might as well consider the soothing and picturesque railways of Russia. The trains in Russia offers spectacular views, multiple time zones and diverse cultures. Most trains are modeled with appointed interiors and great dining selections for an opulent land journey.

One of the most popular railways in the country is the Trans-Siberian Railway. The route stretches from the western coast to the eastern end of Russia, making it one of the world’s longest train journey with over 6, 000 miles full of stunning landscapes. The beautiful views of the Russian state are just the perfect kind of cherry on top. So if you want to see a different side of traveling, embark on a lengthy yet fulfilling train ride in Russia and enjoy the Russian attractions at its best.


Alpine meadows from afar

For travellers wanting a dreamy and dramatic journey of a life time, we give you the Qinghai Tibet Railway in China. The train route offers some of the world’s scenic landscape that runs all the way from China to the Tibetan city of Lhasa. Though the ride will take you almost three days to complete, you will surely forget about the long journey because of the mesmerizing views from your window.

Compelling train reflection

Compelling train reflection
Travellers from different parts of the world will totally enjoy the combination of lush flora life of China and steep mountainous area of Tibet. And upon reaching Tibet, your ride is now considered as the world’s highest train track with over 5,000 metres above sea level. The Qinghai Tibet Railway undeniably features one of the most scenic land journeys in Asia.


Compelling train reflection

A simple train ride can be transformed into a unique experience by riding Singapore’s Eastern and Orient Express. The start point of the route begins at Singapore and ends at Bangkok, Thailand. There is also a stopover at Malaysia , so you will cover a lot of beautiful landscapes from these Southeast Asian countries.

Relaxing retreat

Covering more than 1,000 miles, the journey is jam-packed with stunning natural wonders and excellent Asian cuisines, proving its worth to be one of the best train rides in the world. Over the course of your trip, you will pass by several lofty mountains, lush rainforests, ancient pagodas and remote villages. Many appreciate the combination of laidback views and luxurious service that makes the train route very popular among tourists. Truly, there’s no better way to experience the beauty of these countries than aboard a train.

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