Breathtaking Train Routes in China that You Should Try

China is a vast country full of exhilarating wonders and vibrant locals. The best way to discover the beauty of the country is to ride a train. Almost all of their railways are perfectly set in a dreamy location, rewarding their passengers with breathtaking landscapes. Apart from the amazing sceneries in every railway, you will also be greeted with the vivid cultures and tasty cuisines of the country.

Sit back and relax as we give you the most breathtaking train routes in China.

Anhui to Fujian

A sea of green

Tagged as the country’s most beautiful high-speed railway, the route from the province of Anhui to Fujian is never a disappointment. The Anhui to Fujian railway is famed to feature the spectacular countryside scenery of China, with an extensive length of 808 km and duration of 4- 5 hours.

For those wanting a lush scenery of mountains, terraced fields and vibrant flowers, then you should try this train route. The journey will let you witness the famous sea of clouds at Mt. Huangshan or known as the Yellow Mountain. You will also pass by the Wuyi Mountains and its renowned Nine Bend River, and the towering pillars of Mount Sanqingshan. The highlight of the trip is the breathtaking scenery of the historical Yangtze River.

Chengdu to Yunnan

A trip to the insides of a mountain

It would take you approximately one day and two hours to complete this route, but you will definitely forget the long journey because of its diverse geographical sceneries, ranging from Hengduan Mountains to Jinsha River and to Dadu River.

Though the train route was originally born as a dangerous trail because of its complicated terrains, it was later evolved into an splendid path of undoubtedly charming landscapes. The Chengdu to Yunnan railway runs through the Southwest China and is mostly travelled along mountain bottoms, river slopes and exciting torrents and tunnels. From this, the route is considered as a geological museum because of its complex yet rewarding path.

Qinghai to Lhasa

Like a bullet

A trip to the sky, literally. The Qinghai to Lhasa train route is very well-known for travellers wanting to visit Tibet, which is recognized to be the roof of the world. Having an altitude that could go up to 5, 000 meters high, no wonder it is fondly called as the way to the sky. Trains taking this route have built-in oxygen supply, just in case you need them.

You will also be at awe with the impressive view of the deep blue Qinghai Lake and some spectacular snowcapped mountains and grasslands along the way. The journey is almost very dreamlike, giving you access to some of the world’s most surreal landscapes.

Beijing to Shanghai

Like a bullet

The Beijing to Shanghai route is a combination of cityscapes and countryside scenery. You will reach Shanghai after a fast 5-hour journey because the railway features high-speed trains. Thought not as dreamy as the other railways, this route is still very appealing to travellers because of its exciting mishmash of modern structures and historical areas, creating a completely beautiful land trip.

From the towering buildings in the urban areas to the endless wheat fields in the rural places, you will certainly appreciate the instant transformation of the landscapes outside your windows. Colorful villages and charming locals will also really make your trip more beautiful and memorable.

Gansu to Xinjiang

Train ride during winter

Northwest China can be travelled through the Gansu to Xinjiang route. Getting to your destination will be faster since the railway is a high-speed rail, giving impressive views of colorful flower fields, snowcapped mountains, extensive windmill surroundings, and desolated desert. Apart from that, you will also be rewarded with a striking scenery of the well-loved Yellow River, which is Asia’s second longest river.

If you think that’s all the Lanzhou to Xinjiang route gives, you better think twice as you will also pass by the significant Silk Road. Silk Road is a vital part of China’s history as it was the international trade path between China and Mediterranean years ago.

Shaanxi to Urumqi


Running along the historical Silk Road is just way too magical and you will be given the chance to follow its path through the Shaanxi to Urumqi route. The Shaanxi to Urumqi route is a historical journey that encompasses a vast desert landscape as you will travel along the Gobi Desert for hours. You will also witness the mesmerizing views of Huang He River and Jiayuguan Fortress. During your epic 2 nights and 1 day on the train, don’t forget to relish some of the delicious cuisines in the area.

These scenic train journeys do not just provide spectacular landscapes, but also paves way for a charming culture overview. Train rides may be tiring, but these are definitely way rewarding than a short-lived plane trip with the usual sea of clouds scenery.

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