Why Asian Train Rides are the Best

Why Asian Train Rides are the Best

Train rides will always be more exciting and fulfilling than plane rides. There’s something about this mode of transportation that makes it a one of a kind journey. It keeps you off the multiple road rides. Thus, you will less likely be subject to annoying traffic jams. Aside from that, there are more reasons why train rides are the best.

And in a continent named Asia, train rides are definitely a prized transportation. This land journey has become a part of the locals’ daily living. If you’re planning to visit Asia soon, the best way to achieve a gratifying trip is to live like a local and you can realize such by riding a train. Here are some valuable insights in riding an Asian train that will fully convince you to try one.

Less Cost

Cheaper Cost

One of the significant features of a train ride is the affordable fare. Depending on the trail, trains can be a lot cheaper than an airfare, especially on the countryside routes in Asia. Most Asian countries have economical train tickets, but you also need to be ready for an exhilarating ride. You may picture out jam-packed stations with charming locals. Yes, this is a typical scene, particularly in the rural areas. However, there are also luxury trains that provide one of a kind experience. So before you book your train ticket, you should know how to distinguish the different train classes and seats.

Train transportation is also way cheaper than the normal car trip as you don’t have to consistently stop for gas. The journey is more efficient than riding a bus or car because trains normally travel at a fast speed with no rush hours. And if you opt for overnight train rides, this will seriously save you heaps of money for accommodation in a hotel or hostel.

Breathtaking Views

Baramulla to Banihal route in India

Nearly all countries in Asia have train stations and most of them provide multiple train rides every day. Tourists are always marveled with train rides because of the breathtaking views along the way. Sightseeing is certainly a fun way to forget about the lengthy trip. You will witness a lot of spectacular sceneries during your land journey— towering pillars, snowcapped mountains, lush fields, vibrant flowers, delightful locals and many more, which is quite impossible to see if you are flying 40,000 feet above with just a vision of white clouds.

Travelling by train will also let you see the diverse way of living as you steam through the countryside of a country. You really can say that there’s more to a place than what you normally see on television or in the internet.

Cultural Appreciation

Locals along the way

More than avoiding the strict airline rules and the crazy jetlags, train rides oftentimes give you a chance to see the some various slices of life. From Asian locals washing their laundry on the river basin to the colorful small villages in the east, train rides unfold an exciting experience that can’t be given by a typical plane trip. It allows you to move around a place and partially seeing the other end of the spectrum. You will be able to appreciate the travel in a different point of view, while witnessing some scenic landscapes, which are all part of a country’s historical piece. Well, trains in Asia have always been one of the earliest mode of transportations in the past.

Multiple Time Zones

Different time zones

Overnight trains are also very well-known for travellers wanting a direct trip to a place. In some Asian countries, you can experience multiple time zones during your entire train journey as you will be on the same setting for more than a day. There are even countries like China and Russia, that offers very long yet rewarding train rides.

Less Hassle

Sit back, relax and enjoy

Unlike airline companies, which are very strict when it comes to security and baggage specifications, train rides are way more convenient. Less hassle as you don’t need to arrive hours early and experience the long queues while the officer checks your baggage one by one and even ration out your liquid bottles. In an Asian train ride, you can arrive at least thirty minutes before your schedule trip and there’s no limit as to the liquid contents. However, you should always consider your comfort during the entire trip. It’s much better to pack lightly and just bring the travel essentials. Leave those that will not be utilized on your vacation because there are also some trains that already provide basic travel stuffs to make your stay more comfortable.

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