The Train Rides in Asia

Consider your preferences

Though most travellers would want an effortless ride going to their destinations, there are also some who are willing to take the long and rough road. Well, an epic overland journey is way adventurous than a typical short-time flight. Train rides are seriously exciting road trips, full of panoramic views and butt pains. So if you want to experience both, pack your bags and start venturing Asia through the most unconventional way, the train rides.

Witness the Beauty of Asia

There’s something about Asia that keeps travellers, from different parts of the globe, be on their wandering feet. Asia is a not-so-hidden gem, continuously being appreciated by diverse races. Let’s take for example, Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia might just be one of the regions super blessed with natural wonders like powdery beaches and breathtaking national parks. West and South Asia, on the other hand, are jam-packed with iconic structures that are renowned all over the world.

Point of Interest

Planning is the Key

Okay, let’s be clear about this. Before you go travelling by train, you should know all its features— eating mostly processed foods, sleeping in a moving vehicle, meeting some weirdos and dealing with train delays. On the lighter note, train rides will also let you discover breathtaking sceneries, meet new friends and appreciate fascinating stops along the way. Asia is definitely a very huge continent to travel with. It is the world’s largest continent by area, so you need to take into account your point of interest. Asia is divided into different regions: Central, East, South, Southeast and Western Asia. Planning is very important, especially if it’s your first time visiting the place.

Budget Plan

Prepare a Budget Plan

Budget is and will always be an essential part of every trip. Whether you go for a short vacation or a whole month trip, you should carefully plan your budget or else you’ll go home broke or worst, you can’t go home. Allocate a specific amount for important aspects like train tickets, food, accommodation and attractions. These preparations must be geared up even before you step foot on the train. Apart from the typical expenses, be sure to apportion a certain amount of money for some unexpected costs.

Travel Essentials

Don't Forget your Travel Essentials

Train rides are exciting, but take note of the in-betweens. Travelling by train may include sleeping, eating and even pooping in a continuously moving vehicle. Thus, you should bring all your travel essentials for a more convenient and comfortable land journey. First and foremost, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Opt for simple yet comfy clothing like cotton, wool and linen. Layering will also make your ride more fitting. Also, don’t forget to bring your important electronic items such as cellular phones, headphones, charger, camera and the like. And just like hotels, most trains already provide you with the basic toiletries, but you can still bring your own stuffs. Take note, no liquid restrictions!


Easy Train Bookings

There are some who would advise to book in advance, but for those who want a more flexible trip, simply book everything in advance or you can even just show up at the train station with no reservation. However, be prepared with the waiting game.