How Do I Delete A Group I Created On Facebook

Delete Facebook Group

How Do I Delete A Group I Created On Facebook

Is it time to erase your Facebook group? Groups can be a valuable asset to your company advertising however they don't constantly work out the means you intended.

If you have a big subscription, they can be incredibly lengthy. Unless they are contributing to a particular organisation objective, it's difficult to validate maintaining them alive.

In this article, we'll check out how to delete a Facebook team as well as some alternatives to pulling the plug.

Erasing your Facebook group is drastic and last. As soon as you've done it, there's no going back. You'll shed all the web content and also strings. All the work you put in will certainly be gone for excellent. So prior to you delete, consider the various other choices.

If you are 100% sure you intend to remove scroll down to point 4.

1. Change the Team's Name and Branding
As opposed to erasing could re-branding the team work?

It can be disheartening when you expand an engaged group yet members constantly advise your rivals in their remarks. Normally, this is due to the fact that you didn't make it clear that the group is possessed by your organisation when you establish it up.

If so, a re-brand might repair the trouble. Change the team name, add branding to your cover images, as well as link it to your Facebook page. Here's how.

Change the team name

  • Click the 3 dots beneath your cover photo

  • Select 'Edit group setups' from the drop-down menu

Delete Facebook Group

Modify team settings to change the name of your Facebook group

  • Enter your new team name next to 'Team Name'

Delete Facebook Group

Change your Facebook team name to the brand-new branded variation.

Include branding to the cover picture
Your team cover picture size is 1,640 px by 859px. Use Canva, or your preferred graphic design device, to develop a Facebook team cover that includes your logo design.

Link the group to your web page

Linking your web page to your group lets you blog post, like and also comment as your web page on your Facebook group.

To link your group to your Facebook page:

  • Click the 3 dots under your cover picture

  • Select 'Edit group settings' from the drop-down menu

  • Under Linked Pages click 'Link Your Page'

Delete Facebook Group

Link your group to your Facebook web page so that you can publish and also comment as your business

  • Click 'Link' beside the page you wish to web link

Select the web page you want to connect your group to

2. Select New Admins
Relationships form in teams-- members materialize connections as well as sustain each other. Removing the group as well as damaging these partnerships can finish in harmed feelings as well as damage your online reputation.

As opposed to erasing, supply to hand your Facebook team over to brand-new Admins. Look for active participants in the group that may intend to handle the role.

If you hand the group over to brand-new admins, detach the team from your organisation as well as take into consideration renaming it so that members can see there has been a change.

I likewise suggest pinning a message to the team explaining the handover and also welcoming brand-new admins

To designate new admins.

  • Click the 'Participants' tab

  • Click on the 3 dots next to the member you intend to offer admin legal rights to

  • Select 'Make admin' from the drop-down menu

Delete Facebook Group

Hand your group over to new admins

3. Archive Your Group
Just a group developer can remove a team unless the designer has left. Because case, any type of admin can remove the team The process is permanent-- archiving a team is not.

Archived teams stay in-tact with all photos as well as threads still visible for participants to read. An archived group will not show up in search results page for non-members and also no new members can join.

Admins can still obstruct and erase individuals and threads yet the team summaries can not be transformed.

Archiving is relatively easy to fix. If you alter your mind you can un-archive a group and also go back to active use.

This could be the very best service if you are taking an extensive break from your service or are dealing with a project that suggests you do not have time to offer to the group.

It additionally indicates you will remain to have access to the material and also threads in the team that could be a resource in the future.

Exactly how to archive a team.

  • Click the 3 dots under your cover picture

  • Select 'Archive team' from the drop-down menu

Delete Facebook Group

Archive your Facebook team by clicking the 3 dots under your cover photo and also choosing 'Archive group'

  • A pop-up home window will certainly show up asking you to verify the action

Delete Facebook Group

Validate that you intend to Archive your group

4. Remove Your Facebook Group
If none of the options above benefit you after that indeed, erasing your Facebook group might be the ideal selection. Deleting a group is long-term. You'll lose all the material and strings-- there is no going back.

Prior to you hit erase
Tell your members. Your group members have added and also aided the team grow. They've constructed links and partnerships. It's courteous to allow them understand you are erasing it.

This provides an opportunity to download and install any photos or video clips they have actually uploaded, keep in mind any important details shared, as well as end up being Facebook good friends with the people they've gotten in touch with.

Give members lots of time to prepare-- tell them when you'll remove the team and recommend other groups they might sign up with.

The hardest component concerning removing a group is that, at the time of writing, there is no way to archive all the data from your group like you can as a web page. That's why it's so important to put in the time to experience your team content and also download any images and also videos you wish to keep.

Exactly how to erase your Facebook group

This is a time-consuming procedure if you have a lot of members.

Only the team designer can erase a Facebook team unless they have left the group.

  • Click the members tab

  • Click the 3 dots alongside each member consequently

  • Select 'Remove from Team' one by one till all participants are gone

  • The Facebook group is removed once the last participant is eliminated

Delete Facebook Group

Eliminate members one at a time to delete your Facebook team

  • Facebook will certainly ask you to verify this as you erase yourself as the last participant


Erasing your Facebook group is a radical decision yet maybe the best one for your service. Evaluate up your options prior to you take it. As well as if deletion is the best alternative for you, make a note of what you uncovered from running your team so you can pick up from it.