How to Remove Posts From Facebook

Deleting Posts On Facebook

How to eliminate any type of blog post that you produced on Facebook, as well as just how to remove comments you made. Bear in mind that, while you can report other individuals's articles for being improper, you can not erase another person's post unless it's on your web page.

How To Remove Posts From Facebook

It's simple sufficient to delete one Facebook message at a time, yet there's no integrated in method to erase blog posts in set. For that, you'll need to turn to a web browser expansion.

Facebook has had a poor couple of months. The Cambridge Analytica farce is only the latest thing making people re-evaluate exactly how Facebook fits into their lives. You could always entirely quit Facebook if you want, but for lots of that's not a choice. Maybe you need it for job, perhaps you require it to participate in groups or message friends, or perhaps you similar to utilizing it. Yet what concerning all those old, embarrassing or delicate posts? Or suppose you intend to clean all your old blog posts and simply begin fresh?

If you've utilized Facebook for some time, it would take way excessive time to return as well as delete every article separately. Directly, I've been utilizing Facebook's "On Now" attribute to examine back over old articles as well as remove those I don't like. But, if you desire a fast method to delete a lot of messages at the same time, you'll need to make use of a web browser extension.

This message comes with our typical caution regarding web browser expansions being a privacy nightmare. Yes, it's paradoxical that we're dealing with one personal privacy issue by using another. However it's practically the only way to get this done. And also you can constantly remove the extension when you're finished using it.

We're going to make use of Social Book Article Supervisor for Google Chrome. We have not been able to locate a Firefox or Safari expansion that works as quickly, so even if you're not a Chrome user, you're most likely best off setting up Chrome temporarily so you can use this extension to tidy up your Facebook account.

Open up Chrome and also head to the Social Publication Article Manager web page in the Chrome Web Store. Click the "Contribute To Chrome" button.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

Next off, click the "Add Extension" switch. You'll after that require to exit and reopen Chrome to complete installing the expansion.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

Currently the expansion is ready, head to Facebook. If you wish to, you can download and install a duplicate of all the data you have actually ever before uploaded to Facebook as a back-up. Afterwards (or rather than that if you don't care concerning supporting your old messages), click the down facing arrow in the leading right and select the "Task Log" command.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

The Task Log reveals every little thing you've ever done on Facebook. It's kind of scary to just scroll back through. You can see specific type of task utilizing the filters on the left side, as well as dive to a certain date making use of the navigating on the best side.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

If you want to erase whatever you've done, leave Task Log selected in the filters. Or else, if you just wish to erase the important things you've posted or the messages you're marked in, use the relevant filters. The Social Book Article Supervisor services whatever articles are included in the filter you have actually established.

When you have your filter set up, click the "Social Book Article Supervisor" icon in Chrome to bring up the extension.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

There are a couple of options right here for fine tuning which posts you target.

  • Year: target a particular year or simply choose Select All.

  • Month: target a particular month or simply choose select All.

  • Text Contains: just target blog posts having a certain key phrase.

  • Text Not Consists of: only target messages without a particular search phrase.

  • Prescan On Web page: allows you review which blog posts will be erased prior to they're in fact deleted.

  • Speed: how rapid Social Publication Blog post Manager works. On a quicker computer with an excellent internet link, you can use a higher speed.

To show just how this all jobs, I'm going to target all of my own articles from November 2007. Initially, I picked the "Articles" filter in Facebook to make sure that the extension will only target my very own articles. Then, I opened up the Social Book Post Supervisor expansion, chosen 2007 for the year, as well as November for the month. I've left the "Prescan on Web page" alternative allowed so that I can examine posts before they are erased. And also I'm not utilizing any key words.

Establish Social Publication Article Supervisor up the method you want, and then click the "Erase" button. Social Publication Message Supervisor will certainly run, scrolling down the page as it does. Kick back and allow it do its thing. The more messages you're targeting, the longer it will take.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

When it's done scanning, you'll see the results. If you had the prescan choice switched on, it shows a listing of matching blog posts with a little blue tick next to each post it's targeting for removal. If you didn't have the prescan on, your articles will have currently been removed.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

If you did use the prescan on, you can go through as well as deselect any posts you wish to keep. You can also open up the "Validate to Remove" menu and also select or deselect all the messages simultaneously. When you have actually assessed and also picked blog posts, open that "Confirm to Delete" menu, and after that select the "Erase" command.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

Once again, Social Book Blog post Supervisor will get function to work deleting messages. When it's done, the articles will certainly be gone.
Deleting Posts On Facebook

While removing your old posts is a great suggestion, it will not assist you if third party already has your data. Likewise, while Facebook claims in their Terms of Service that anything you erase likewise obtains erased from their web servers, they likewise state that "the eliminated content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable time period (generally, for a maximum of 90 days ...)" and also will be held for longer "if needed by appropriate law, order of any federal government agency or judicial body, or such".