How to Change the Name Of Facebook Page

Since most of us know just how much Facebook likes to fine-tune as well as upgrade its platform, it's feasible that you want to alter some setups on your Facebook Page but those setups are not where you remember them being! In addition to that, there are a lot of times when you attempt to make the adjustments and get a mistake or the switches are greyed out. This article additionally describes the concerns you might face and also potential solutions.

I've been asked several times very recently about changing web page names, so that implies it's time for a blog post!

How To Change The Name Of Facebook Page

You may have picked a name without understanding exactly how this was going to show up. If your Page is new or if you have less than 200 Likes, you can quickly modify your Page name by accessing your Basic Details in your Web Page Control panel.
Changing Facebook Page Name

Then you most likely to your Basic Details and also you can quickly Modify your name.
Changing Facebook Page Name

But if you are re-branding or you just want to modify your Web page name as well as you have greater than 200 Likes you might have the opportunity to make a change 1 time. I state "might" due to the fact that this choice often does not show up even if you have not changed your Page name eventually in the past.

You may see a Request Modification link next to your Name as shown here.
Changing Facebook Page Name

If you do not see that Request Modification link, you are mosting likely to need to go to Facebook Aid. Facebook Help is sometimes extremely difficult to get any type of reaction from. It will certainly be simpler to get your name transformed if you have a re-brand with a photo of your site or logo design to reveal your rebranding details.

I suggest submitting your request in 2 locations. The first one is the Aid form for Pages below:
Changing Facebook Page Name

I locate having a screenshot aids to reveal your brand-new branding to make sure that Facebook can see that you have made a modification.

The second area I advise sending a demand is to Facebook Ads Help. With any luck you are using Facebook Advertisements from time to time to develop your Web page and also you most likely don't wish to market your Web page if the branding isn't consistent with your site.

The Advertisements area seems to be a bit extra receptive to changes when you tell them that you can not invest anymore loan with them until your Facebook Page name is transformed (just do this if you are intending on running an advertising campaign). Submit your request here: (The form below looks a bit various given that it's older yet coincides concept).
Changing Facebook Page Name

We did this when we transformed our Page and also it took around a week to get it done. However you might require to send your request a couple of times if you don't listen to back after a week approximately. Hope those tips help! (Please note, I can not assist with Page Name Modifications-- you have to experience Facebook to get your Page name changed).

Changing Your Web Page URL or Site Address.

The various other point you can transform (yet it in some cases is challenging) is your Facebook Page LINK. Your LINK is the simple as well as brief web address (like

If you have not set your Username yet, go do that today-- it makes it a lot easier to tell people regarding your Page. However BE CAREFUL-- this is harder to get transformed. Once you set it, the URL is taken as well as can not be "released" even if you remove the Page.

It can not have any areas in between the letter as well as I don't advise putting points like periods or emphasizes in between the words. After that when you establish it, capitalize the initial letter of each word. Even if a person enters the LINK without the capital letters it will certainly still most likely to the ideal area.
Changing Facebook Page Name

If you have actually already established your URL as well as need to rebrand, you can often ask for a single change as shown before.
Changing Facebook Page Name

If you don't have this capacity, you will need to go through the very same procedure as overview above with Facebook Aid. I think the LINK is as large an offer as making sure your you branding is consistent in your Facebook Page name. But if your name has changed dramatically, after that you need to get that remedied.

Have you had to alter your Web page name in the past? Exactly how has it gone with you? Let me understand in the remarks (remember I can not assist with real Facebook Modifications, you will certainly need to go to Facebook straight for that.