Connecting Twitter to Facebook Page

Connecting Twitter To Facebook Page
You'll do this from within Twitter's setups, though it's likewise possible to make use of Facebook's settings. To connect your Twitter account to Facebook, you need to utilize the Twitter site on a computer.

When I don't understand how to do points, I make use of Google to locate @[How|Exactly Connecting Twitter To Facebook Page

Right here is a detailed tutorial on Exactly how To attach Twitter account to Facebook service web page:

1) Visit to your business Twitter account (or the twitter account that you want to use to publish on your company web page).

2) Click the little gear at the top of the page and also select 'Edit Account'.
Link Twitter To Facebook

3) Scroll down and click the 'Attach to Facebook' button.
Link Twitter To Facebook

4) A little window will appear, stating that Twitter would love to connect to your profile (indicating your personal profile). Click 'Okay'.

5) One more home window will certainly pop up, claiming "Twitter would love to post to your buddies in your place". Click 'Okay'.

6) Your account is currently linked to Facebook!
Link Twitter To Facebook

But wait, you don't want to publish to your profile; you simply intend to publish to your organisation web page! (This is the part where I obtained confused).

7) De-select both boxes, and click on 'Enable publishing to one of my pages'.
Link Twitter To Facebook

8) If you have greater than one web page, choose which page you would love to publish to.
Link Twitter To Facebook

9) A little window will pop up saying 'Twitter would like to manage your web pages'. Click 'Okay'.

10) Ta-daa!!! You just link Twitter to Facebook.