How Do U Poke someone On Facebook

It's Facebook's 10th birthday today, and it's unsubstantiated we've been using the social media network for a whole years.

In the past, Facebook really did not have the many bells and whistles it has today. There was a time where you can only have one profile photo, close friends created on your "wall," as well as you can connect with people by "poking" them.

Poking was an attribute that served no actual objective. Many thought it was the method you can tease utilizing the system. On April Fool's Day one year, Facebook pranked users by telling them they were starting a service that let you poke your pals in the real world; a participant of the Facebook group would show up to your close friend's residence and literally poke them.

Nothing might sound more scary!

As long as Facebook has actually progressed in the past ten years, you are still able to jab your pals.

Here's how:

Most likely to someone's profile. I chose my friend Jenny.
Poking On Facebook

Then hit the arrowhead all the way to the right and also pick "poke.".
Poking On Facebook

It's that simple!
Poking On Facebook

So reach out with a poke today for nostalgia. Time is flying.