Where is the Activity Log On Facebook

I intend to welcome you to another interesting session where I will reveal you how to view Facebook activity browse through Android

It is affirmative that Facebook is a social media that has actually gone viral with roughly 2.13 billion energetic regular monthly users. Every user on Facebook perform various personal tasks on daily basis as well as Facebook has given a feature that maintains a document of these tasks.

What is an activity log?

An activity log can be defined as a report that provides the document of computer activities or occasions, arranged and presented in a sequential order. Therefore, simply put, it means that you can see all the activities in the appropriate order of time and also date that there were accomplished.

Isn't this a great feature to use? Well, I would say it is, because, you never ever can tell when an event might show up as well as you or somebody would need your activity log on Facebook. Adequate it holds a lasting history of your activities so you can constantly reference back to it.

Okay, specifically discussing just how to see Facebook activity visit android, this feature shows all your posts, messages you've suched as, commented on, reacted to, your followers, posts you have actually been labelled in, your friendship history and even conserved videos. Essentially, every little thing you have actually done (activity-wise) on Facebook is videotaped right here.

Now that you have an explicit knowledge of what a task log on Facebook is and also what it supplies, let's go straight to the steps on how to view Facebook activity log on android I make sure you would discover it extremely simple and also interesting.

Where Is The Activity Log On Facebook

1. Introduce your Facebook application on android.

2. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen.

Facebook Activity Log

3. Tap on your photo (account) on top of your screen.

Facebook Activity Log

4. Faucet on "task log" symbolized with 3 dots and also three horizontal lines next to the dots. This attribute is found Simply below your account photo.

Facebook Activity Log

5. Scroll to see all your "activity log" chronologically prepared.

Facebook Activity Log

Having actually adhered to the steps I have detailed out, you should have attained your objective on exactly how to check out Facebook task go to android. Quite very easy right?

Below's some even more news for you, you can actually erase records from your task log, likewise you can eliminate your response from a blog post you had responded on as well as also transform privacy on old blog posts. It's easy, just beside the task you intend to erase or reverse reaction, tap on the down-facing arrowhead mark and also make alterations.