How Do I Delete A Sent Message On Facebook

We have actually all existed in the past at one factor or one more-- you delve into Facebook Carrier and also accidentally fire off a message to the wrong group conversation. Best situation situation you follow up with a "whoops, wrong chat" and go on, worst situation scenario the comment had to do with someone because team chat as well as now it's just an issue of time prior to it all blows up in your face.

The latest upgrade to Facebook Carrier aims to address those awkward situations by enabling the sender to erase a wayward message as much as 10 mins after it has actually been sent. Previously, you were only able to delete messages from your very own sight of the discussion.

Right here's exactly how to save face on Facebook Carrier when you send a message to the wrong person or group:

1. Long-press on the message you want to erase.
2. Tap the Eliminate symbol at the end of the chat.
3. Tap Eliminate from Everybody.

Delete Sent Facebook Message

4. Faucet Remove to verify the removal.
5. Your Message will no longer stand for you or anybody else in the chat and if you're quick sufficient no one will have seen your message ...
6. ... yet they will see that you deleted something.

Delete Sent Facebook Message

As you can see in those last 2 screenshots all celebrations connected in the chat will see that a message has been removed whether they saw the message before it was erased. It's also worth noting that this attribute is special to the full Facebook Carrier application and also not Facebook Messenger Lite.