How Do I Delete Facebook Private Messages

Deleting Private Messages On Facebook

With Facebook's Messages include you can send out exclusive messages to and fro with your Facebook friends and also contacts, a lot in the same way you send e-mails. These personal messages are kept in a threaded chronological arrangement as well as are accessible via the Messages icon on your Facebook homepage. From the Messages window you can erase entire conversations or specific messages within a discussion.

How Do I Delete Facebook Private Messages

Step 1: Visit to Facebook as well as choose "Messages" in the left-hand column to watch your private messages inbox.

Step 2: Click the conversation consisting of the messages you wish to remove to see the discussion's messaging history.

Step 3: Select "Actions" to watch a drop-down listing.

Step 4: Select "Delete Messages" as well as position a check alongside each undesirable message.

Step 5: Select "Delete" and also select "Delete Messages" when motivated.

Tip: You can additionally wipe the entire conversation by opening up the conversation, choosing "Actions" and also choosing "Delete Conversation" Select "Delete Conversation" again when triggered.

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