How to Change My Mobile Number On Facebook

Change Phone Number In Facebook

When you obtain a new cell phone number, head to the Mobile Settings page on Facebook to change your info. Registering a cell number with Facebook makes it possible to send out and also receive updates using text messages as well as, if you select, share your number with close friends. If you want to offer your pals just your brand-new number without establishing texting, alter your number via the profile on your Timeline instead.

How To Change My Mobile Number On Facebook

Step 1. Visit to Facebook, open the drop-down menu on the top bar and also click "Setups." Press "Mobile" to see the cellular phone presently signed up to your account.

Step 2. Click "Eliminate" by your old cell number, and after that press "Remove Phone." You don't have to remove your existing telephone number if you would rather have multiple numbers detailed. For instance, if you have a totally free texting number or a second cell phone for job, you can include it to Facebook without erasing your key number.

Step 3. Press "Add a Phone." If you already have another cell number provided, click "Add One more Cellphone Number" instead. Pick your area as well as cell service provider as well as click "Next.".

Step 4. Send out a message consisting of the letter "F" to the contact number Facebook screens. The majority of phone providers in the United States use the number "32665," but a few carriers have alternate numbers, so inspect the number on the screen.

Step 5. Kind the verification code you receive by means of text right into package on Facebook. Uncheck the alternative to share your phone number with pals or the alternative to obtain updates with text messages, if you want, as well as press "Next." Enter your Facebook password to confirm your identity, if motivated, and the Mobile Setups web page will rejuvenate to present your brand-new number.