How to Delete All My Messages On Facebook

Over the past month two of my Facebook pals have actually had their accounts hacked (that I recognize of). In both of these instances the hacker chose to undergo the individual's Facebook emails to check out every one of their messages and then use that details to message their friends-- impersonating them. I was just one of those individuals that each cyberpunk messaged. It was a sobering experience to recognize that somebody might potentially have accessibility to all of your individual discussions that you have actually had with friends and family, returning for several years!

Hereafter experience I made a decision that I intended to delete all of my previous Facebook messages so that if I was ever before hacked, at the very least I can restrict what they would have access to. Yet I found that this had not been as easy as you would certainly assume as there is no global "Erase All" choice for Facebook messages and also conversations. Instead, you must click into each conversation, click the "Activities" switch, and also pick "Remove Conversation". To do this for the thousands of conversations that I've had on Facebook over the past a number of years would have been much also taxing. Nevertheless, I did discover an impressive plug-in for the Chrome web browser called Facebook-- Erase All Messages that sufficed.

How To Delete All My Messages On Facebook

The process is straightforward. Open your Chrome web browser and navigate to the plugin. Click "Include In Chrome" in order to download/install the plugin. It presently has over 82,000 individuals and I located it to be virus/bug-free since 2 weeks ago, so I can highly suggest it.
Delete All Facebook Messages

Once it's mounted, merely authorize right into Facebook. Open the complete messages window and click the plugin icon that sits on the much right of the address bar.
Delete All Facebook Messages

Then click "Release". It will certainly erase all the messages on that particular entire page. If you have a lot of old messages you may need to scroll down and click Release a couple of times till they're all gone.
Delete All Facebook Messages

However within a few minutes you should be rid of all your old discussions, and they will certainly not reappear when the individual messages you again. You'll have a fresh start!