How to Share a Password via Lastpass

Although companies are cracking down, all of us understand that sharing account details for streaming solutions like Netflix and also HBO Go is rather typical.

How to Share a Password via Lastpass

If you follow correct cyber safety practices, you should be using a various password for every of your accounts-- you possibly do not desire your pals to know your online banking login information.

Nonetheless, that can make it a tad challenging when it's time to hunt up the required password to share with a pal or family member.

Luckily, LastPass has a stylish option: Not only will the password manager shop as well as encrypt your huge selection of passwords, LastPass makes it very easy to share a password between each other.

Below are the three basic actions called for to share a password by means of LastPass

Exactly how to share a password via LastPass

1. Access your vault on, or open the app on a Mac or COMPUTER.

2. Hover over the program whose password you intend to share, and also click the overlapping pictures icon.

3. Enter their e-mail and click "Share.".

Have the recipient check their email. They'll click "Accept Shared Information" in the email from LastPass, and will certainly be granted accessibility to the shared password after logging in to their LastPass account, or developing one if they aren't account holders yet.