How to Delete Private Messages On Facebook

Deleting Private Messages On Facebook

Via Facebook's Messages include you can send personal messages backward and forward with your Facebook buddies as well as calls, a lot similarly you send out e-mails. These exclusive messages are kept in a threaded sequential setup as well as come via the Messages symbol on your Facebook homepage. From the Messages home window you can remove entire conversations or individual messages within a conversation.

How To Delete Private Messages On Facebook

Step 1: Visit to Facebook and also pick "Messages" in the left-hand column to see your private messages inbox.

Step 2: Click the discussion containing the messages you wish to erase to see the conversation's messaging history.

Step 3: Select "Actions" to view a drop-down checklist.

Step 4: Select "Delete Messages" as well as place a check alongside each unwanted message.

Step 5: Select "Delete" and also select "Delete Messages" when prompted.

Idea: You could additionally clean the whole conversation by opening up the discussion, picking "Actions" and also picking "Delete Conversation" Select "Delete Conversation" again when prompted.

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